exists for the love of products made in Korea. Our mission is to be the global platform that connects Genuine Korean product Suppliers and Consumers worldwide.



We are passionately trying to keep our company in a style of a “Rapidly Growing Start-Up Business”: to altruistically monitor and control every “stage” (all supply chain) of our Goods – to ensure that You received Your purchased product: Authentic, from Seoul and with full of Positive Energy (full of Happiness) – because all that what we do it’s about You, our Customer.

We carefully Select our Product Portfolio (and All Supply Chain) to provide You the Best of the Best: 

+ Best Selected Items – to serve you as Your personal guide in the Best Korean Products. Our team happily, carefully, “handcrafted” prepares for You: Best Items via filtered Big Data of: Up-to-Date local Korean Trends, Leading Magazines, Proven Celebrity Reviews, Dermatologist Recommendations, Real Customer Reviews, Best Selling Items Charts, while keeping on mind: “If I would have it for Me.”, to ensure You are guaranteed that when you are pressing our “Add to cart” button – it’s going to be on Trend of Trends;

 + Best Suppliers – we strive to serving You by finding the Best Suppliers with the Best Prices, and it’s very important for us to search the Suppliers who strictly: Human Rights Ethically, Environmentally Friendly and Pet Friendly – because we Like to make You Happy;

+ Best Packaging – we are glad to serving You by: providing You Eco-Friendly (less plastic) packaging and taking High Standards for Hygiene and Cleanliness very seriously, to ensure that our millions of boxes with the Best of the Best products shipped worldwide from Seoul – has Eco-Ethical, Safety and Positive Energy (full of Happiness) impact on our Planet – and You, our Customer.



Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right and here in KMALLKOREA we take it Serious. Your Personal Data: Secured, Private and High-Confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



We support local Communities in Need.



“I firmly believe in delivering quality products to our customers as this is the only way of staying afloat in the current competitive virtual market. Trust is the most sacred and precious commodity for me. And I make no compromises to satisfy my clients. May God bless you and keep you safe wherever you are. We are committed to you as our customers, any questions or comments please feel free to drop us a line we will be happy to hear from you.”

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