Colling KF94 Mask Small (Children) / FDA approval / Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approval / Domestic production / Sales: 100 pcs


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국내생산 !! 100% 국산 원자재 !!
식약의약품 안전처 인증 의약외품 마스크
FDA 미국 승인

콜링 마스크 소형 KF94

3중구조 필터
코지지대 적용
3단 접이식 구조
크린룸 생산

특허청 디자인 등록

가로 185mm X 세로 69mm

원료명칭 : 겉감, 안감 (부직포) / 필터 (멜트블로운)
코편 ( 폴리프로필렌 피복철사) / 머리끈 (폴리에스테르)
효능효과 : 황사, 미세먼지등 입자성 유해물질 및
감염원으로부터 호흡기 보호
저장방법 : 실온보관


Produced domestically! 100% domestically produced raw materials!
A quasi-drug mask certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Approved by the FDA approved.

A small KF94 call mask.

Triple structure filter.
Apply the nose support.
3-fold folding structure.
Producing a clean room.

Korean Intellectual Property Office’s design registration.

185mm wide x 69mm long.

Name of the raw material: Exterior, lining (non-woven fabric)/filter (meltblown)
COPIEW (Polypropylene-coated wire) / Hair strap (Polyester)
Effectiveness: Particulate harmful substances such as yellow dust and fine dust,
Respiratory protection from infectious agents.
Storage method: Room temperature storage

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