KF94 Mask MediKR / Domestic Production / FDA Certification / CE Certification Mark Acquisition / Black Mask / Sales: 100 pcs


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MediKR KF94 black mask to protect the respiratory system!
MADE IN KOREA, the big one.

Respiratory protection from particulate harmful substances such as yellow dust, fine dust, and infectious viruses and sources of infection.

MediKR KF94 Black Mask is a non-drug approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and is a mask that complies with manufacturing and quality control.

From domestic production to release!
MB filter that blocks ultrafine dust!
There’s plenty of space. Comfortable curves!
Certified by the US FDA!
EU Integrated Standard Certification Mark!

3D foldable curved design.
It’s made with a curve that’s soft along the line of your face.
Wrap it around comfortably.

Zipper pack packaging for the environment.
Packaging 10 or 20 pieces (not individually packed).

The start of protecting me is from MediKR.

Functional nose support.
Comfortable earband.
3D structure.
30g of nonwoven fabric lining.

Exterior color is black / Lining color is white.

Size: 210mm × 80mm


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